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The collection presents the microscopic images of stem and root structures of Arctic dwarf shrubs in transversal sections. This unique collection contains 360 images of both selected fragments and whole microscopic slides made in the years 2007 - 2017. The dwarf shrubs (Salix polaris, Salix reticulata, Salix uva-ursi, Dryas octopetala, Betula nana) were collected during the Arctic expeditions to Svalbard Archipelago, northern Norway, Iceland and Canada from regions with seasonal and extreme climate conditions. The images show the most important elements of the anatomy of the dwarf shrubs from the point of view of modern geomorphological processes (e.g. wounds, wedging rings) and variability of climatic conditions (e.g. pointer and frost rings) and are unexampled source of information about changes in natural environment of the Arctic. Quality of pictures: magnification x100, 3264x2448 pixels.



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